Code formatting in WordPress

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When I post the contents of a configuration file or want to write a command, I prefer the text to have the appropriate formatting. Enclosing the text in [cоde][/cоde] tags is a well known feature of WordPress, however I keep forgetting some of the options.

Therefore, I am going to paste the parameters from the link above, listing them for my future reference: Continue Reading Code formatting in WordPress…

SSD trimming as a cron job

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I use XFS for my SSD and the partitions are mounted with default settings in /etc/fstab. Instead of using the discard option, I decided to set the fstrim command running as a cron job. As a side note, other filesystems that support trimming listed in the Arch Wiki are: Btrfs, Ext4, JFS.
Continue Reading SSD trimming as a cron job…

SSD trouble

2016-01-16 at 13:11 | Posted in system | 2 Comments
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One of my PCs has a 60.0 GB Corsair Force GT SandForce Driven SSD. When I bought it, I read a bit about SSDs and I set several options in my /etc/fstab. However, whenever copying some big files, the system seemed to hang for a while. In other cases, the it would just crash, killing X and leaving me in the console, but even shutting down was not possible. It would spit out errors, containing stuff like: Continue Reading SSD trouble…


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I am using XFS at the moment and I will put here a few filesystem related tools, for my own future use. The Arch Linux wiki has good documentation. Continue Reading XFS…

Visual CSL editor

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I type my text in LibreOffice and use Zotero to take care of the references. Zotero has a list of many different citation styles, which likely already includes the one for the journal you are submitting your manuscript to. Continue Reading Visual CSL editor…

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