Slackonly: an update

Slackonly is a repository for Slackware packages, compiled from the scripts at SBo. It is not an official repo and is not affiliated with SBo. A year ago, the project was in its infant stage: only several categories were ready and only for the x86_64 architecture. Now, the repo seems to have grown tremendously. Packages … Continue reading

Heroes III

I like to keep Heroes III around for the old times’ sake. I have the Complete edition, which unfortunatelly has no Linux version. The Complete edition can be installed and played via WINE, but it is not stable and keeps one of my CPU cores constantly at 100%. I looked for another option and came … Continue reading

Dependencies calculator

I came across this interesting discussion at LQ, introducing a new tool called HooRex (a pun for “who requires”). The program scans the SBo repository and determines dependency relations between packages in both directions: It can determine if a package is required by others. It can resolve dependencies for a given package. The program does … Continue reading

Removing WINE file associations

I keep WINE installed for the sole purpose of playing StarCraft – BroodWar if I happen to be in a nostalgic mood. Annoyingly, WINE tends to “steal” a lot of the file associations from other programs. For example if I want to open a text file, Notepad insists on doing this. Come on… The solution … Continue reading

ALINE: colouring, numbering and annotation

Aline is an extensible WYSIWYG protein sequence alignment editor for publication quality figures. It canĀ  read common sequence alignment formats which the user can then alter, embellish, markup etc to produce the kind of sequence figure commonly found in biochemical articles. Its homepage is here. Aline is an interactive perl/tk application and can be installed … Continue reading

Cyrillic in the XMMS playlist

In the XMMS playlist, the default font for GTK1 does not display correctly Cyrillic file names. A commonly used encoding for Cyrillic text is CP1251. To select a font that supports it, go to Preferences > Fonts > Playlist. Clicking the Browse button will show the Select playlist font window. Go to the Filter tab … Continue reading